Top 6 Home Improvement Trends for 2017

What to upgrade your home with the latest trends of the year? We’ve spoken to the top interior designers to help you get the inside scoop. Check out the top six home improvement trends for 2017.

Matte Appliances

This year is all about being bold and in your face. Incorporating matte objects will help finish the space and let the item speak loud. This will also keep away from other distractions. Matte is an unexpected finish for objects that are usually glossy or traditionally lustrous.

Marble Tiling

If you haven’t already noticed, marble is becoming a significant trend in homes all over the world. You can see marble covering walls, carpets, and even fabrics. The material is also commonly paired with metal and wood finishes.

Cerused Wood

Cerused is the preferred technique to bring out the unique grain of the wood. The trend is known in the high-end market for high quality and has made its own to the universal market. You can find Cerused wood on cabinets, chairs, tables, storage, furniture and more.

Nailhead Detail

While this style has been seen for years, the accent is a classic detail for upholstered pieces. However, it is recently taken a modern update. The trend is going beyond the usually upholstered furniture and making its way into storage chests, base plates of light fixtures, and credenzas. Some designers are also using nail heads to create patterns in a luxurious design.

Smart Home Features

As our generation is including more and more devices into our daily lives, smart home features are slowly becoming incorporating into the design of our homes.

Subway Tiles

Another trend that is nowhere new is the subways tiles. It has become a style element that is both versatile and classic. What makes subway tiles great is how it works with various styles and affordable. Subway tiles also provide an unexpected element to the home.

You can incorporate subway tiles to nearly any design as they add a significant effect to a farmhouse style or dark grout. It is an excellent choice for any lifestyle, budget, and taste.

What are your favorite home improvement trends of the year? Comment below and tell us your favorite!