Top 5 Most Influential Landscape Designers in Australia

Landscaping designs are far more complicated that developing a pleasant outdoor space that it both attractive and practical. The design is determined by the overall plan of the site, architectural design and the use of the space.

With that said, here are the top five most influential landscape designers in Australia.

Jim Fogarty

Since graduating from Burnley Horticultural College in the early 1990s, Jim Fogarty is a well-known landscape designer and gardening personality living in Melbourne. With over twenty international design awards, one of his highlights is the Chelsea Flower Show in London. To date, he had won many prestigious awards for best in the show, horticultural excellence, and more.

Paal Grant

As an award-winning landscaper based in Melbourne, Paal Grant is known for his creative approach to designing extraordinary gardens. He claims to take his inspiration from the natural environment due to his children in the town of Ballarat.

His previous shows were awarded at the Melbourne International Glower and Garden Show where he also won the prestigious award for Royal Horticultural Comeadow.

Phillip Johnson

Most known for his awards at the 2013 Chelsea Flower Show for the “Trail finders” Australian Garden, Johnson has also contributed to some show gardens all over the world. Philip also won the Ford Sustainability Award for four years. As a Landscape speaker, he is passionate about sustainable living and water management through design and innovation.

Daniel Tyrrell

As a director and owner of Daniel Tyrrell Landscapes, Daniel is another award-winning landscape designer based in Melbourne. He has gained a reputation for creation inspirational outdoor rooms and gardens to fit the needs of homeowners and their lifestyle. He is also known to take a whole approach to garden design and create a stable balance between the indoor and outdoor space.

Ian Barker

With nearly 25 years in the industry, Ian has received many awards at the known Chelsea Flower Show in London. His most recent achievements include a gold medal at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show in 2015 as well as the Horticultural & Media’s Best Use of Plant Life Award for Cross Roads.

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