Best 4 Tips for Designing Your Bathroom

Looking for tips on how to improve your new bathroom? When it comes to designing a new bathroom, there are many things to consider like the color scheme, surface, materials and more.To help you out, we have asked the best designers who specialize in bathroom designs. Check out these best four tips on designing your bathroom.

Go for Panels


While tiles are a common feature seen in bathrooms, groups are becoming an attractive, sleek alternative to traditional tiles. As a fast choice in bathroom materials, the initial costs might be higher than tiles but are more than well worth the investment. Not only will they save you money in the future, but they will also require less maintenance and cleaning.

Color to Create the Appearance of More Space


Choosing the color scheme is the most important aspect of designing your bathroom. Not only is it just for aesthetics, but it can also create a larger area appearance. Color options will bring light, gloss and create the illusion of more space in the room.

Consider Faux Marble

Today, natural tones and earthy shades are making their way into more bathroom designs. This becomes of this year’s Pantone’s Greenery and the concept of bringing nature inside the home. Using natural materials like stone, marble and grant adds character but may be a struggle to maintain. Not only is marble prone to stains but also water stains. Using faux marble is a better option as they still show the beauty and natural stone without the difficulty of maintenance.

Convert Into a Wet Room

If you have a small bathroom, why not transform your ordinary shower into a wet room. This creates a high-end look that makes you feel the luxury, even in a small space. A Bespoke shower tray can also add into the specifications and create a powerful element to space.

Got any more tips on how to design your bathroom? Comment below and share your tips with us!